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iOS App Development for iPad and iPhone

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The iOS App Store made it easy for developers to build, deploy and market apps, and for customers to download and install them. By following the 3-day course iOS App Development, you will learn how to make iOS Apps with Xcode and Swift for your company and customers.

For this course you need good knowledge in Swift. If you don’t have this knowledge yet, you can follow our 5-day bundle course iOS App Programmer (2 days Swift and 3 days App Development).


During the 3-day course you will learn how to develop iOS Apps for iPad’s and iPhones. The course will start with the fundamentals, like Xcode and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. After that we move through the most important aspects of UIKit, the framework used for onscreen graphics and we cover mobile-specific aspects like accessing location data.

Finally we’ll look at how you can download data from Web Services, and store it on the device with the Core Data framework.

In short, you will come out of the course with the technical knowledge you need to develop basic iOS Apps, and sell them via the Apple iOS App Store.


  • Programming in Swift
  • Xcode
  • Storyboards for building your interface
  • Outlets and Actions
  • Views and Drawing
  • Auto layout
  • Table and Collection Views
  • Delegation and other design patterns
  • View Controllers
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Core Location and Maps
  • Accessing Photos
  • Data storage with Core Data
  • Developing Universal Apps for iPad
  • Popovers
  • View controllers
  • Animating interfaces with Core Animation
  • Networking with JSON Web Services
  • Developing Universal Apps for iPad

Target group

This course is specially designed for programmers, coders and scriptwriters who want to learn how to develop a native iOS App and already have a background in Swift. If you do not have skill in Swift, CMM also offers a 5-day bundle course iOS App Programmer (2 days Swift and 3 days App Development).


Learn how to develop a native iOS App.

  • Good English skill (this course is taught in the English language)
  • Your own iOS device
  • You must have knowledge in Swift, followed CMM’s training Swift for iOS App Development or an equivalent programming course

During the course you will actively use the book: “iOS Programming”. This book is included in the course price.


Exam and certification

After the course you will receive a certificate of attendance. This way you can make people aware that you have upgraded your knowledge and know how to program and develop iOS Apps for iPad and iPhone. It will make a great addition to your résumé and LinkedIn profile.

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