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Ontvang tot € 1000,- opleidingsbudget via STAP!

STAP-budget (English)

Nederlandse versie

Take advantage of a discount of up to 1.000 euro for your training or education!

From 2022 it is possible to request STAP-budget. STAP stands for Stimulation of the Labor Market Position. Through this subsidy scheme, workers and job seekers can receive a subsidy of up to 1.000 euro each year for education.

In 2023, everyone can apply for a budget again, even if you already received a STAP budget in 2022.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional
By using the STAP-budget subsidy, you can now attend our Certified Digital Marketing Professional course in English for only 1.250 euro instead of 2.250 euro.

Select the STAP-budget option on the enrolment form.

Reserve your spot this week
Because many of our training courses are quickly booked up, we advise you to reserve your spot quickly.
With our STAP guarantee you can always cancel or change your enrolment without any costs, in the case you don’t get the STAP subsidy.

Can I get 1.000 euro STAP-budget?
You are entitled to a STAP-budget for a course if:

  • you are older than 18 and do not yet receive a state pension
  • you or your partner have Dutch nationality or another nationality of a country within the European Union
  • you are nationally insured (this is if you have lived, worked or received benefits in the Netherlands for at least 6 months)
  • you have not yet received a STAP budget this calendar year and there is still a budget

About 200 million euro is available every year. This budget is divided over 6 periods in which you can request a STAP budget. Be there on time, because the budget per period is limited.

How do you request a STAP-budget?

  1. Find a training or education that you want to follow with us
  2. Register via our website and select the STAP-budget option
  3. After your registration, we will send you a STAP registration certificate within 5 days

On the first day of the new budget period, look up your education in the STAP portal of the UWV and apply for it. For this you need the STAP registration certificate.

When your application is approved, the fee will be transferred directly to CMM. If your training or education costs more than 1.000 euro, you will receive an invoice from us for the remaining amount. This amount may also be paid by your employer or other organization.

CMM STAP Guarantee
If you meet the above requirements, there is a very small chance that your application will be rejected by the UWV.
If this is the case, for example because the budget for the period in question has run out or because you have not yet reached an agreement, you can cancel or adjust your registration free of charge. This only applies if your training or education has not yet started.

Contact us
Feel free to contact one of our study advisors via 020-462 39 39 or if you have any questions.

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