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We see the future – and its Apps

Smart devices, iPhones and iPads have become an important and necessary part of our lives. Applications are the new communication, business, transaction, game and entertainment tool.

How do you make Apps ?
First step is to learn the programming language, SWIFT for iPhone or Java for Android – 3 days training. Second step is to learn App Development or how to Program an Application – 5 days training. This is real hands-on training at its best!

CMM’s App Development classes are designed for programmers who already have knowledge of programming and need to prepare their skills for the job possibilities in the future.

CMM has a iOS development class starting on 12 May and we are offering our CMM Education Graduates a 15% discount on this training. This combines 3 days SWIFT training and 5 days App Development training.

Extra special Programming Trainer for this class
This class will be held in English, and we are extremely proud that it is taught by our App Dev Computer Scientist, Mr. Drew Mc Cormack. Check out Drew’s Linkedin profile and see the extent of his knowledge and skill set. It’s extremely impressive.

You could learn a lot from this man, that no amount of e-learning can give you. Drew is a world famous developer and a fantastic trainer.

Invest in your future !!!! ……….. NOW

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